Casino Marketing Intelligence And Automation

A 360˚ overview of your casino players

Understand and predict player behavior, run micro-targeted and location based campaigns. Reduce player churn and improve player LTV!

Why customers love Gaming Analytics?

Predict Player Churn and Improve Retention

Identify player churn before it happens and make proactive decisions. Find out where, why, and how you are losing customers. Identify at-risk players, within defined ranges and demographics, and accurately measure response rates to your marketing offers.

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Player Segmentation and Campaigning Made Easy

Micro-segment your database using a range of player attributes – just type a question in the search bar and the system will automatically generate players’ list. Increase profitability by running a tailored and location based campaigns at the right time, with the right message to the right players.

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Get scientific reports from your data — in seconds!

Find actionable insights hidden in your casino data. No technical background required!
What is the retention cost?
Which players should receive targeted marketing?
What is a player’s LTV?
Which players are overusing promos based on LTV?

Player Insights and Recommendations Engine

Our machine learning models help you better understand player personas and identify at what stage they are, in the customer journey. We help you target offers based on player lifecycle and player personas. In this way the right marketing dollars will be spent on the right players.

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Never Wait for a Report or Dashboard Again

“Access information on the fly! Just ask a question (like Google)! With the help of Natural Language Processing, AI, and Machine Learning, Gaming Analytics understand the intent and the context of your business questions and provides real-time, actionable insights and recommendations for your marketing team.”

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See Gaming Analytics in action

Results in less than 15 business days, at a fraction of the cost

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