A casino’s day-to-day business activities are intended to achieve key objectives and KPIs – guest experience and business goals are paramount to good operations – including game performance, customer service, and marketing efforts. All are intended to maximize profitability.

Gaming Analytics improves operations, boosts profits, and increases guest satisfaction, as cited in the examples below:

Optimized Floor Design

 Gaming Analytics optimizes casino floor layout by identifying popular games and ideal placement based on traffic flow and player behavior. These insights remove all guesswork and eliminate the laborious task of manually moving machines around to experiment with location-based performance.

“I always kind of knew what games worked and what games didn’t, but now it is no longer an educated guess. Thanks to Gaming Analytics, I now have the information I never had before, and it has made our slot floor more profitable.”

Lisa Siples

Director of Slot Operations, Gulfstream Park

Lighting-Fast, Highly-Accurate, Data-Driven Decision Making ⚡️

Gaming Analytics processes and analyzes vast amounts of data, providing insights on game performance, customer preferences, and potential areas of improvement. These insights are made available with a click of a button – replacing the countless hours necessary for generating reports when done manually with Tableau, Excel, or an SDS.

“Not only can I achieve reports that would take at least four people, but the information generated by A.I. is almost error-free — Gaming Analytics has greater accuracy than reports vulnerable to human error. Now, it takes seconds and only a click of a button.”

Danny Onate

Marketing Database Analyst Manager, Gulfstream Park Casino

Optimized Marketing and Reduced Churn

The reports are automated and inserted on the Gaming Analytics dashboard. The host team can divide guests into manageable groups and make individualized contact. If the host team cannot reach the player by phone, an email is sent. Additionally, a push notification is sent if the guest has the casino’s mobile app.

Next, the Gaming Analytics dashboard provides recommended offers to entice guests to return – these offers are customized to the individual needs and preferences – free play is often suggested, with an offer slightly higher than those offered by competing properties in the area.

The Gaming Analytics ‘tribes’ function allows the host team to pull data quickly and easily, saving significant time and effort compared to manual data manipulation. 

The Gaming Analytics analysis tool — allows for a quick snapshot of a property’s performance over the past five years, helping the host team make informed decisions about player retention and engagement. When done manually, this type of reporting would take weeks compared to seconds when using Gaming Analytics.


AI can be used for more accurate revenue projections. The Gaming Analytics ‘predicted vs. actual dashboard’ is popular. Also popular are eighteen-month forecasts – broken down by week.

Popular Gaming Analytics reports include:

Quick snapshot

A daily report that compares the same day to the previous week, occupancy by hour, the number of new patrons, and the value of those who signed up, including the high-limit room. The daily snapshot includes host performance.

By theme, zone and manufacturer

comparing fair-share of the floor used to take hours or weeks – and a lot of effort compiling different KPIs to look at by theme, by manufacturer, by bank, and by zone. Doing this report manually was a very complex process to pull the data and then put it into an Excel or pivot table. 

“Now it’s a click of a button – every morning when I come to my office, this information is at my fingertips – ‘boom’ it comes up instantly, and it’s one of my favorite reports that I like to look at.”

Lou Spetrino

VP of Gaming and Player Development at ilani

Adaptation to Player Behavior

Gaming Analytics helps identify games popular with VIPs but located outside the high-limit area. With this insight, these machines can be relocated to high-limit or VIP areas. Guests have shared appreciation for attentiveness and the convenience of having their favorite games moved to the VIP area.

“Thanks to Gaming Analytics, our revenue is going up because we’ve increased and right-sized – we select products and certain themes that are most popular with our players. Our guests are happier.”

Pete Masarone

Director of Slots at Ocean Casino

Personalized Guest Experience

By analyzing player preferences and behavior, Gaming Analytics helps operators offer targeted promotions and personalized game recommendations and rewards, increasing customer loyalty and spending. The above is partly made possible by granular reports. 

A Gaming Analytics customer cites the granularity of reports which helps make the most informed decisions.

Examples of this include:

  • What were our top hundred coining guests last Friday and Saturday, segregated by ZIP code?
  • What is the most popular slot machine game during a specific period, broken down by age and gender of the players?
  • Which areas of the slot floor have the highest traffic during peak hours, and how does that impact revenue for each area?
  • What is the optimal staffing level for each department during different times of the day, based on guest volume and other factors?
  • What food and beverage items are most frequently purchased by guests, and what is the correlation between those purchases and gaming activity?

Human Resources

Gaming Analytics helps forecast staffing needs based on projected business volumes.

By replacing manual reports with A.I., productivity can best be allocated from sitting behind a computer and manually moving machines to better team rapport with more time for face-to-face interaction and more time to interact with guests. Staff reports higher job satisfaction when removing such mundane tasks.

“Gaming Analytics allows me to reclaim my day! Before, it took hours or days to get the information I was looking for. It allows me to trim the fat – no more time wasted digging through data. I simply press a button – and boom – I get the information needed. It frees me up to work on more pressing tasks.”

Josh Siler

Asst. General Manager at Downstream Casino

“With Gaming Analytics, gone are the days of sifting and waiting. What was once ‘dread’ has transformed into ‘joy.’ Instead of being bogged down by the mechanics of data retrieval, I can dive directly into the heart of decision-making, strategizing, and ensuring optimal performance of the casino floor – all with a simple click of a button.”

Lou Spetrino

VP of Gaming and Player Development at ilani

“We believe better team cohesiveness and removing silos can result in improved productivity, greater innovation, and ultimately greater success for the business. Gaming Analytics is helping us achieve this.”

Josh Siler

Asst. General Manager at Downstream Casino

“Gaming Analytics creates more time for me to do things that are more pertinent – and actually reconfigure the floor – so we constantly evolve, we constantly add games to the floor – based on science, not based on guesswork.  It allows me more time to do some of the things that are really most necessary.”

Pete Masarone

Director of Slots at Ocean Casino

With A.I. and Gaming Analytics, profits increase, and the guest experience is enhanced. 


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