How Does Gaming Analytics Increase Profits?



As competition intensifies and guest preferences shift — accurate, fast, and dynamic insights become essential for casinos to stay ahead. Leveraging technology to bridge profitability and the guest experience becomes paramount. Casinos increasingly turn to Gaming Analytics — the industry’s premier A.I. platform. 

Gaming Analytics Allows Casino Operations To Be More Efficient And Increase Profitability:

Game Selection Optimized

Gaming Analytics easily identifies which machines are most popular with guests and generate the most revenue. This information enables casinos to make data-driven decisions when selecting games and identifying which titles to replace or introduce. Gaming Analytics optimizes the floor layout and machine selection for maximum profitability.

With Gaming Analytics’ industry-wide data, casinos can make the most informed decisions with the best information available.

“I always kind of knew what games worked and what games didn’t, but now it is no longer an educated guess. Thanks to Gaming Analytics, I now have the information I never had before, and it has made our slot floor more profitable.”

Lisa Siples

Director of Slot Operations, Gulfstream Park

Optimized Floor Design

Gaming Analytics can analyze player behavior and preferences to suggest adjustments in floor layout and design, ensuring casino games are more engaging and retain players for longer durations.

With insights into player behavior, casinos can determine the number of games needed in specific areas, such as VIP rooms. This prevents over-design. By pulling data from the top 200 slot players, Gaming Analytics allows operators to identify the most popular themes and games preferred by the most valuable guests. Gaming Analytics identifies where players prefer: secluded VIP areas versus the main floor.

“We use Gaming Analytics much like Google: quick searches yield immediate results. This tool boosts our profits by guiding our purchasing decisions, optimizing our slot floor based on player behavior and top-performing machines, and transforming guesswork into data-driven decisions.”

Josh Siler

 AGM, Downstream Casino

Personalization and Player Development

By analyzing customer data, Gaming Analytics can segment the casino’s clientele and tailor promotional campaigns to specific demographics, leading to more effective marketing strategies and higher returns on marketing spend.

“In an era where real-time engagement is the key to success, the Gaming Analytics mobile app has revolutionized how our Hosts engage. It’s not just about data, it’s about bridging the gap between technology and human touch. Gaming Analytics is not just a tool, it’s the future of player development at ilani.”

Lou Spetrino

VP of Gaming and Player Development at ilani

An Improved Guest Experience

Using Gaming Analytics, casinos can introduce 24/7 support systems, answer queries, assist with reservations, and offer game recommendations, enhancing the guest experience.

Host teams can easily access data and insights – in real-time – by using the Gaming Analytics mobile app. With instant access to player data and analytics, the Host team can make quicker and more informed decisions. 

These decisions can be made on the go while efficiently tracking interactions with guests and performance metrics, resulting in higher profits and an improved guest experience.

Predictive Capabilities

With Gaming Analytics, casinos can forecast peak periods of patronage, allowing to optimize staff, manage inventory, and tailor promotions, ensuring efficient operations and maximized profits.

Whether assessing a Host’s performance, analyzing guest data, or determining guest origins, Gaming Analytics offers a comprehensive solution. The A.I. technology is invaluable for metrics like Average Daily Theoretical (ADT) and Average Daily Win (ADW), enabling a thorough understanding of guest behavior.

Gaming Analytics’ customers state the platform is beyond powerful, allowing management to pull instant, highly accurate reports — which used to take days or weeks in some cases. Popular reports include a ‘quick snapshot’ or a daily report that compares the same day to the previous week, occupancy by the hour, the number of new patrons, and the value of those who signed up, including the high-limit room. The ‘daily snapshot’ includes host performance.

Another popular Gaming Analytics report is ‘by theme, zone and manufacturer’. This compares fair-share of the floor’ a report that, traditionally, could take hours or weeks – described as a lot of effort compiling different KPIs to look at by theme, manufacturer, bank, and by zone. Doing this report manually is a very complex process to pull the data and then put it into an Excel or pivot table. With Gaming Analytics, this process is replaced with a click of a button.

“Now it’s a click of a button – every morning when I come to my office, this information is at my fingertips – ‘boom’ it comes up instantly, and it’s one of my favorite reports that I like to look at. All thanks to Gaming Analytics”

Lou Spetrino

VP of Gaming and Player Development at ilani
Loyalty Programs

Optimized Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Gaming Analytics can analyze the effectiveness of current loyalty or rewards programs, recommending how to enhance them to increase customer retention and encourage repeat visits.


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