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Case Study: Gulfstream Park Casino Boosts Profits with Gaming Analytics’ “True Value” Marketing

Danny’s Role at Gulfstream

danny onate

Danny oversees data management and analysis. He is tasked with driving strategic decision-making and optimizing player engagement. His responsibilities include:

Data Analysis — analyzing player behavior and gaming trends; identifying opportunities to improve retention and increase revenue.

Reporting — creating and maintaining reports and dashboards for senior management; providing insights into marketing campaign performance and operational efficiency.

Support for Marketing — collaborating with the marketing team on promotional offers and loyalty programs; assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

Gulfstream Park is situated near 11 competing casinos. Valuing players accurately was a challenge. Traditional methods often resulted in inflated player worth due to occasional big wins, leading to erroneous “free play” spikes — and subsequent resets to lower amounts.

This inconsistency skewed marketing strategies and upset players, causing a decline in player retention and loyalty.

The Solution: ‘True Value’ by Gaming Analytics

Gulfstream Park implemented GA’s “True Value” feature to address the above issues. True Value assesses a player’s actual value by excluding days with unusually high winnings from the average daily worth (ADW).

The result is a more accurate representation of each player’s actual value. GA’s True Value feature has benefits beyond calculating a player’s actual value.

“GA’s True Value marketing feature helps us understand our players’ real value by ensuring their average daily worth isn’t inflated by lucky days. Sometimes, players hit big winnings or jackpots, making their ADW seem higher than usual. By taking out these unusual high winning days, we get a more accurate picture of their true typical value.”

Danny Onate, Database Analyst Manager at Gulfstream Park

The Benefits of GA’s True Value Technology

A Marketing Director’s Dream: The True Value feature offered a dream solution for Gulfstream’s Marketing Director, who could now rely on precise data to tailor marketing efforts with the most significant impact and highest ROI.

Retaining Players’ Spending: Gulfstream Park retained more spending by providing a consistent and fair value assessment. Players no longer experienced “drastic” reductions in their free play, which previously led to dissatisfaction and reduced trips.

Preventing Player Loss: The previous system often resulted in players receiving an inflated free play amount one month, only to have it corrected to a much lower value the next. This inconsistency led to player dissatisfaction and loss. GA’s True Value technology eliminated these spikes and dips, maintaining player satisfaction.

“Since implementing the True Value program, we’ve seen a stable number of trips from our higher-end players compared to previously, when players lost trips when their free play went down. Player loyalty has improved.”

Danny Onate, Database Analyst Manager at Gulfstream Park

Efficient Spending on High-End Players: Gulfstream Park no longer had to spend excessive amounts to bring back high-end players who were previously over-rewarded. This efficient allocation of resources contributed to significant cost savings.

“We’re reducing our free play issuance number by between five to 10%, which is a pretty big number. This reduction helps us save a significant amount of money while maintaining player satisfaction; ensuring their rewards are consistent and accurately.”

Danny Onate, Database Analyst Manager at Gulfstream Park

Sustaining VIP Player Trips: True Value’s consistency helped maintain the frequency of trips by VIP players and the general player base, which is crucial for ongoing revenue.

Impact on the Bottom Line: As Danny Onate highlighted, the implementation of True Value was “really affecting the bottom line.” The casino achieved a cost savings of about $200,000 in free play every month, totaling approximately $2.4 million annually.


The GA way vs. the old way

Without Gaming Analytics (GA) technology, Danny relied on traditional tools like SQL, Microsoft Access, and Excel for data management and analysis. He manually wrote SQL queries to extract data from the casino’s systems, managed and audited the databases for accuracy, and used Access for further manipulation.

This process was time-consuming and prone to errors. It often took days to complete tasks that took seconds or minutes with GA, and it was challenging to forecast trends accurately.

The advanced predictive analytics provided by GA allowed Danny to forecast player behavior and trends accurately, enhancing strategic decision-making. The adoption of GA minimized manual errors and improved data integrity. It freed up resources, allowing Danny to focus on more critical analyses and optimizations. This ultimately made the entire process more efficient and accurate, reducing the time required from days to minutes.

Danny reports additional benefits from GA’s A.I. technology and unexpected outcomes, particularly with the host team mobile app.

the host module of gaming analytics

Empowering the Host Team with Technology and A.I.

Adopting GA’s Host Module enhanced the efficiency and job satisfaction of the host team. This module empowered hosts with real-time information and predictive analytics, transforming player engagement.

Real-Time Player Information: With GA’s mobile app, Hosts can see when a player comes onto the floor, has a birthday, or hits the jackpot without waiting for reports from analysts.

Predictive Offers: The host module allowed hosts to predict and tailor offers for players, enhancing the personalization of player interactions.

Reduced Stress and Increased Job Satisfaction: By having instant access to critical player information, hosts experienced less stress and greater job satisfaction. “The hosts are less stressed,” noted Danny, as they no longer had to depend on analysts for crucial data.

Empowerment and Efficiency: The Host Module allows the host team to enjoy their jobs more by enabling them to engage with players, proactively improving the guest experience.

Danny says GA’s responsiveness allows a direct line of communication and makes them an extension of the Gulfstream business — a true A.I. partner. He says it is an experience he has never seen with any other vendor.

Gaming Analytics’ Exceptional Support

A critical factor in the successful implementation and ongoing use of GA’s solutions at Gulfstream Park was the exceptional customer support provided by Gaming Analytics. According to Danny, GA’s support is the best in the industry. The responsiveness and problem-solving capabilities of the GA team ensured that Gulfstream Park could quickly address any issues and continuously optimize their use of the platform.

10 to 10 for gaming analytics customer support

Further Benefits of GA and Broader Impact

Improved Data Accuracy and Reporting: Before adopting GA, Gulfstream Park relied on manual data extraction and reporting methods, which were time-consuming and prone to errors. GA’s solutions automated these processes, ensuring more accurate and timely reports.

Strategic Decision Making: With reliable data and insights at their fingertips, Gulfstream Park’s management could make more informed strategic decisions. This includes optimizing marketing campaigns, adjusting player rewards, and planning promotional events based on accurate player behavior and value data.

Cross-Departmental Integration: GA’s solutions integration fosters better communication and collaboration across different departments, including marketing, finance, and operations. This holistic approach ensures all teams are aligned and work towards common goals.

Player-Centric Approach: By understanding its players’ true value, Gulfstream Park can adopt a more player-centric approach. This improves player satisfaction and loyalty and enhances the casino’s overall guest experience.

The Future of Gaming

The impact of Gaming Analytics at Gulfstream Park Casino underscores the importance of leveraging advanced data analytics in the competitive casino industry. The benefits of accurate player valuation, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced guest experiences have collectively contributed to the casino’s bottom line, saving approximately $2.4 million annually in free play costs. These GA features have streamlined processes, reduced manual errors, and freed up resources for more critical analyses. The impact of Gaming Analytics’ at Gulfstream Park Casino is an example of leveraging advanced data analytics in the competitive casino industry.


  • Accurate Player Valuation: GA’s “True Value” feature excludes days with unusually high winnings from average daily worth (ADW) calculations, providing a more accurate assessment of player value.
  • Cost Savings: Implementing “True Value” has saved Gulfstream Park Casino approximately $200,000 in free play monthly, totaling around $2.4 million annually.
  • Enhanced Player Satisfaction and Loyalty: By providing consistent and fair value assessments, the casino has maintained player satisfaction and improved loyalty, reducing the risk of losing players to competitors.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: GA’s A.I. technology has streamlined processes, reducing the time required for data management and analysis from days to minutes.
  • Empowered Host Team: The Host Module has equipped hosts with real-time information and predictive analytics, increasing job satisfaction and reducing stress, leading to better guest experiences.

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