Player Development

Player Development Made Easy

Built for hosts and host managers! Efficiently groom your player database and identify the next VIPs using LTV predictions.

Why customers love Gaming Analytics?

Understand the players that make an impact on your casino

Gaming Analytics consolidates player data from multiple systems and spreadsheets to provide segregated and aggregated insights on players’ performance and preferences. Our solution increases Host intelligence and productivity by providing easy access to comprehensive and drillable reports.

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Daily recommendation on “high-end players”

Gaming Analytics helps you accurately identify the next generation VIP players through a combination of a machine learning algorithm and static rules defined by your casino. Now, Hosts can focus on the right “high-end” players and effectively grow them.

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Searching your data and results in actionable reports — in seconds!

Find actionable insights hidden in your casino data. No technical expertise is required!

Which players should be assigned a Host?
What is a player’s LTV?
Which players are over-comped?
Which are the high-end players sorted by Host?

Total transparency for Host Managers

Gaming Analytics provides better visibility of KPIs! Host Managers can create custom dashboards and reports, with a few clicks, to track Host performance and manage incentives. Track every player by Host, or Host by players and get aggregated insights on host performance and trends.

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Gain Host accountability with goal-tracking

Create and assign dynamic goals to each Host and track their progress in real-time. Player Development Managers can implement workflows to automate processes and tasks to speed up the decision-making process.

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See Gaming Analytics in action

Results in as few as 15 business days, at a fraction of the cost

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