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At Gaming Analytics, our suite of AI-powered solutions is tailored to meet the unique challenges of the gaming industry.

We are your one-stop solution for transforming casino operations with A.I. Explore our range of modules designed to increase profitability, optimize engagement, and usher your business into the future

Features & Modules

A.I. Driven Search

Realtime Insights & Recommendations

Automated AI Workflows & Dynamic Dashboards

Slot Analytics & Recommendations

Gaming Analytics can help casinos understand which slot machines are underperforming and need adjustments, maximizing ROI. By tracking the performance of each slot machine in real time, Gaming Analytics can identify potential issues before they become major problems. This can help casinos work more closely with vendors to address maintenance needs, ensuring machines are always in top condition with minimized downtime.

Performance Analytics

Drill down into the performance of each slot machine to make data-driven decisions.

Understand which machines are underperforming and need adjustments, maximizing ROI.

AI can help casinos predict and prevent machine breakdowns, reducing downtime and improving efficiency. By monitoring the performance of slot machines and identifying potential problems, AI can alert casino staff to issues before they become major problems. This can save casinos time and money, as well as preventing lost revenue from downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Leverage AI-driven insights to keep your machines running smoothly with minimal downtime.

Reduce machine downtime and maximize profits.

With the help of Gaming Analytics, GSR’s host team can quickly and easily access information about a guest’s preferred games and make tailored suggestions about other games they might enjoy.

This allows the host team to provide a personalized and efficient service that meets the needs of individual guests, which in turn enhances the guest experience.

Guests are more likely to stay longer and spend more money when they feel valued and have a positive experience.

Personalized Guest Experience

Decode the tendencies of your players with preferred game offerings.

Tailored game experiences keep players engaged, reducing churn.

“Thanks to Gaming Analytics our slot floor is more profitable because the platform gives us the information we never had before. I always kind of knew what games worked and what games didn’t, but now educated guesses have been replaced with data science.”

Lisa Siples, Director of Slot Operations, Gulfstream Park

Slot Recommendations

AI powered game recommendations based on guest’s history and behavior.

Maximize player engagement and spend.

Gaming Analytics can help casinos track player behavior, so they can better understand which machines are most popular with different types of players. This information can be used to make strategic decisions about where to place machines and how to promote them. By understanding the risk-reward potential of each slot machine and tracking player behavior, casinos can create a floor layout that maximizes their profits and provides a satisfying experience for players.

Machine Volatility

Understand the risk-reward potential of each slot machine.

Create a balanced floor layout that caters to different types of players.

Title insights can help casinos identify the most popular slot titles among their players. This information can be used to strategically place these titles in high-traffic areas of the floor, making them more visible to players and increasing the chances of them being played. Location insights can help casinos identify areas of the floor that are underused or underutilized. This information can be used to relocate machines to more desirable locations, which can help to improve the flow of traffic and create a more inviting environment for players.

Title and Location Insights

Optimize your floor layout by grouping similar and most preferred machines.

Enhance the player experience and optimize floor space.

Gaming Analytics can help casinos develop optimal product and pricing strategies by providing data-driven insights into player behavior. With this information, casinos can make informed decisions about which games to offer, how much to charge for them, and where to place them on the floor.

Optimal Product & Pricing Strategy

Determine the best pricing and positioning strategy for each machine.

Maximize profitability for every square foot of your floor.

SmartSlot Optimizer: Powered by Gaming Analytics and Eilers & Krejcik

The partnership bridges Eilers & Krejcik data from more than 400 casinos with patented A.I. technology from Gaming Analytics which predicts player behavior and improves casino operations.

SmartSlot Optimizer aka Slots 360°

Powered by GA and Eilers & Krejcik: AI-driven recommendations for optimal slot machine selection and placement.

Maximize profits, remove guesswork, and enhance the guest experience.

AI-Driven Marketing Features for Advanced Player Retention

A casino might create a marketing campaign that specifically targets players who are interested in a particular type of slot machine or who have a certain playstyle. By understanding who their players really are, casinos can make sure that their marketing efforts are reaching the right people and driving them to the casino floor.

AI-Generated Player Personas

Create distinct player personas that go beyond just financial metrics – each with unique behavioral traits, gaming preferences, and engagement histories.

Highly tailored marketing campaigns that appeal to the specific likes and dislikes of each group. Players feel more understood and valued.

Player Lifetime Value Predictions

AI-powered predictions of a player’s value over a given future period.

Allows for targeted marketing efforts towards high-value players, maximizing ROI.

Gaming Analytics uses historical data to identify patterns of player behavior that can be used to predict future churn. The platform also provides casinos with tools to help them take action to reduce churn, such as offering incentives or improving the game experience.
“Gaming Analytics is the most innovative casino A.I. solution in the industry – it quickly predicts customer lifecycle – including, declining, high-risk, and churn.” Gregory DiVincent VP of Marketing Gulfstream Park

Player Churn Predictions

GA helps you proactively identify players that are likely not return, and engage them at the right time.

Increase player retention and loyalty.

AI Powered Dynamic Segmentation

Utilize advanced AI algorithms to dynamically segment casino patrons instead of traditional segmentation cutoffs.

Optimize for expense reduction or improved profits.

Database Marketing & Campaign Management

Segmentation Module

Create complex player segments with a click of a button – for direct mail and digital marketing.

Significant time savings with NO CODING required.

Campaign Management

Centralized tool for planning and executing targeted casino marketing campaigns, including pro-formas and post-formas.

Integration with CMS – Eliminated countless days of manual, error prone processes.

Geographical Analysis

Location-based targeting for your marketing initiatives.

Optimize advertising spend by targeting locations where most of your potential or at-risk players reside.

Player Development with Host Mobile App

Contact Management

One stop to track all communication with your players.

One view for the player, significant time savings.

Goal Tracking

Track various KPIs for your team.

Track progress in real-time and take corrective actions to meet your objectives.

Player 360

A comprehensive profile of each player’s interactions, preferences, behavior and spending habits across the enterprise, including hotel, pos, tables,slots, amenities.

Enables personalized marketing, increasing player loyalty and spend per visit.


Tasks and Event Management

Host View & Mobile App

Real-time, mobile-enabled dashboard for hosts to manage player interactions on-the-go.

Empowers hosts to make real-time decisions and communicate with players anytime, anywhere. Making it easier for hosts to focus on relationship building.

Comp Monitoring and reporting

Easy Access to expense details in real-time.

Ensure that comps are spent on the right players.

Host Manager Module

specialized feature that allows hosts managers to manage their hosts, set objectives, and track performance.

Provides a centralized location for all player development activities for the management team.

Player Development AI Features

AI generated Priority Call Lists

Priority Lists generated based on player churn, life time value and behavioural changes.

Timely communication with your most valued players, increase in VIP retention rates, time savings.

AI Generated Host Coding

AI Generated Player Preferences

Analyzes all communication with a player, generate player preferences

Personalized special events and promotions resulting in improved response rates and profitability. Siginifcant time savings for the hosts too!

Dynamic Reminders

Let AI analyze all communication with your players, and add timely reminders

Never miss a followup call with a player

Live Events & Entertainment

Event Scheduling & Booking

Tools for event planning and management.

Streamline your events, saving time and resources.

Performance Evaluation and ROI

Understand the success metrics of each event through AI-driven insights.

Optimize future events for higher ROI.

Audience Insights

Tailor your events by understanding audience behavior and preferences.

Deliver highly engaging experiences to maximize ticket sales and sponsorships.

Revenue Insights


Revenue forecasting based on historical and current trends, with near-perfect accuracy.

Make informed decisions for better budget planning and increased ROI.

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Customer Support


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Player Development

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