Slot Operations

Slot reports have never been easier!

Gaming Analytics increases slot floor profits! Machine placement and machine selection guesswork is removed — replaced with the accuracy of machine-learning.

Why do Slot Directors love Gaming Analytics?

Slot machine recomendations

The Gaming Analytics AI platform scientifically analyzes your data for best machine selection and best slot floor design. Your profits will increase!

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Never wait for a report or dashboard again

The Gaming Analytics AI dashboard is customized for the user, based on preferences and workflows.

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“I always kind of knew what games worked and what games didn’t, but now it is no longer an educated guess.”

“Thanks to Gaming Analytics, I now have the information I never had before, and it has made our slot floor more profitable.”
Lisa Siples
Director of Slot Operations, Gulfstream Park

Data is searched and analyzed in seconds — reports are near-instant!

Find actionable insights hidden in your casino data. No technical expertise is necessary!

Which slot machine title performs best?
Which machines should be replaced?
How is a machine performing compared to zone average?
How is leased versus owned performance?

Predict the Future: Precision Forecasting and Budgeting

With Gaming Analytics AI, you receive casino performance predictions for the next day, week, month, and beyond. Predictions are 99% accurate.

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“The revenue forecasting capabilities of the Gaming Analytics
platform are incredibly accurate. It is amazing!”

– Augusto DeChat, General Manager at Trilenium Casino

ROI Analysis and Predictions for Slot Purchasing Decisions

With consideration of the cost of labor, inflation, interest rates, depreciation, and amortization, you are provided with a complete ROI analysis, including income statement and cashflow analysis. With added confidence, you will know which machines to purchase.

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See Gaming Analytics in action

Results in as few as 15 business days, at a fraction of the cost

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