Kiran Brahmandam

Kiran Brahmandam

Founder & CEO

How much money will you make in the next 365 days? Casino AI has the answer!

How Much Money Will You Make in The Next 365 Days?
Casino AI has the Answer!

The AI disruption is coming to casinos more rapidly than ever before. It is changing how casino executives respond to churn, identify future VIPs, design slot floors to maximize profits, and spend marketing dollars with greater impact.
Kiran will discuss this along with the following:

✅ Surprising benefits of AI as reported by Slot Directors
✅ AI and the digitalization of direct mail
✅ Is casino AI secure?
✅ What is 360° AI for casinos?
✅ The impact of casino AI for Hosts

With AI, player information is quickly accessible and highly accurate — providing this information in seconds. And, it is transforming the gaming industry faster than ever before.

This event will explore the future of AI for casinos and how to plan for it, presented by Kiran Brahmandam, CEO of Gaming Analytics.

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