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Data Analytics Reimagined

As any casino operator knows, there are dozens of analytic software solutions on the market today. But despite enormous efforts, many casinos still struggle with how best to use these solutions.

That’s the dilemma that puzzled Kiran Brahmandam, founder of Gaming Analytics, for years. As a casino systems executive, he often wondered why the gaming industry hadn’t figured out how to make analytics more accessible. “At home, if you want to know the weather next week, you just open a search engine and type the question. You get an instant answer, along with relevant secondary information about the city. But asking a similarly simple question about your casino operations is nearly impossible.

“Imagine asking which brand of machines are expected to perform the best next week. There just wasn’t a good tool out there, so we built one.”

Gaming Analytics uses sophisticated technology to crunch large data sets and look for patterns among ever-changing player behavior, to analyze what has happened and to extrapolate likely future scenarios. Brahmandam claims that his software has been predicting slot floor performance with 99 percent accuracy at multiple casinos.

But that’s not the big differentiator here. Instead of cranking out over-complicated reports or requiring the casino to hire expensive data scientists to interpret the data, Gaming Analytics focuses on ease of use. “With our tool, executives just type a question into the search bar, and our natural language processing and our algorithms give you a clear answer,” said Brahmandam. “We put the solution right next to the problem—wherever you are, you can pull out your phone and ask ‘which game should I move/buy/retire today?’ or ‘what actions do I need to take to reduce churn among young players?’ Our AI platform learns the unique quirks of your individual floor, allowing us to deliver immediate predictions and steps to optimize performance.”

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