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GamingAnalytics.AI Wins Prestigious Casino Technology Award

Adding to their growing list of honors and accomplishments, GamingAnalytics.AI has won the gold medal for “Best Productivity-Enhancement Technology” for 2020 from Global Gaming Business magazine.

The annual GGB Gaming & Technology Awards are the casino industry’s most prestigious awards for technology, products and services that enhance the gaming experience. The honors are designed to recognize and encourage innovation and technology in the rapidly changing casino industry. This is the 18th annual event for GGB, and these awards are announced each year in the November issue of the magazine and presented during the G2E show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Only four or five top awards (Gold Medals) are presented each year and the “Best Productivity-Enhancement Technology” is designed to recognize innovation “that makes a job or task easier and more efficient.” In the GGB citation, GamingAnalytics.AI was credited with solving “the problem of casino data existing in silos, unable to be interpreted or put to use. It is a software solution that integrates vast amounts of slots and marketing data, filters through the madness using artificial intelligence, and presents actionable insights and recommendations that are easy to understand. Combining the simplicity of search with the power of machine learning and AI, our self-learning platform makes data analytics easy, actionable and affordable.”

CEO Kiran Brahmandam added, “Our philosophy is that GamingAnalytics.AI makes analytics easy. That means every product decision comes down to what will make analytics easier for casino operators. Interviews with customers are a core part of our design process for a new feature, and ongoing feedback allows us to improve. If a customer requests a programming change, we include that in our updates. We provide software updates twice a month and upgrades are free. There are no hidden fees. This philosophy has paved the way for an analytics experience that delivers everything you need and none of the headache. Ask a question and receive the answer.”

Brahmandam said that his company was extremely honored to receive a GGB Gold Medal which in the past has gone to major organizations that have made significant advances in the industry. Last year’s top honorees were Aruze, AGS, GLI and Scientific Games.

GamingAnalytics.AI is based in Berkeley and San Rafael, CA. They are presenting at the Las Vegas G2E 2019 in Booth 5440. The solution works with virtually all major gaming systems and data warehouses. Contact them at or by phone at (702) 355-5377 to schedule on-site presentations or demos worldwide.

Media Contact: Kiran Brahmandam, CEO

+1 (702) 355-5377