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GamingAnalytics.AI Partners with Jamul Casino®

GamingAnalytics.AI is excited to announce that Jamul Casino near San Diego, CA is the latest property to sign with Gaming Analytics. Gaming Analytics offers advanced artificial intelligence tools to casino operators to improve decision-making, marketing, and profitability. For the Jamul Casino team, the software will provide predictions about future player populations, giving the Casino the ability to make pro-active marketing decisions to increase retention.

Gaming Analytics offers the first ever product to bring Search Driven Analytics to the casino gaming industry, to make data analytics easy, actionable and affordable. Simply type business questions and get relevant, contextual answers. “You can pose questions with ‘Google-like’ queries such as, ‘players with the highest churn risk?’ or ‘trending machines’ and get answers” says Gaming Analytics Founder & CEO, Kiran Brahmandam. He added that artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped the company develop a product that provides slot machine recommendations, forecasts, predicts player behaviors and continuously gets better as customers use the application.

Jamul Casino’s Chief Information Officer, Josh Ford, selected Gaming Analytics after evaluating several leading analytics packages. He said, “Gaming Analytics is a great extension to our analytics team. Within a few days after the install, their player prediction tools are helping us optimize our marketing budget and allocating funds in the most strategic way”.

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Gaming Analytics, Inc. is made up of a team of data scientists, designers, industry veterans including renowned casino operators and entrepreneurs with over 125+ years of combined gaming industry experience. Gaming Analytics’ technology analyzes volumes of complex data to recognize hidden patterns, providing daily recommendations to casino owners to optimize the slot mix with game title changes, configuration changes, new machine purchases, and more. The software works with all casino systems and databases. For more information, visit