Data Analytics

How Your Casino Can Benefit from Location-Based Marketing Campaigns

The casino business is competitive. Small casinos are up against all the other small, local entertainment destinations in the area as well as the larger venues that attract players from all over the world. Casino marketers are relying on tried and true methods of promotions and player clubs to get people in the door.

Location Based Analytics

Location based analytics is a type of data analysis that is used for business intelligence. The trends in data you’re already collecting can help you make decisions from where to put your next billboard to who to target for your next mailer promo. Player demographics, player origin and key metrics can all be visualized on a geographical map for greater insights than ever before. Gain more insights into the effects of competitors by extracting insights from the behavior of players within a certain radius of nearby venues. A location based analytics tool like the one offered by Gaming Analytics can help you answer the question “why” when you’re proposing your next campaign to the tribal council or general manager.

Location Based Marketing

Narrowing your strategy ensures that the right message goes to the right player at the right time. This individualized customer experience increases customer satisfaction and your ROI. It allows you to apply your tried-and-true strategies to specific markets and iterate based on results. Perhaps your location based analytics tool has alerted you to a downward trend in visits from players who live in a particular zip code. Now you have the power to take a look at what changed in that zip code and take measures to correct or mitigate it. Maybe a road is closed and their driving distance has increased. Incentivize the long drive with free play. Maybe your nearby competitor just finished a renovation. This is something to take into account for your long term strategy. Identifying these at-risk players before they churn is the key to boosting visits through customer retention.

Casino Marketing Strategy

You already use player demographics to inform your marketing campaigns, so why not make the leap to location based marketing? This is your edge. The larger venues across the world are not targeting players in your specific vicinity because they must dilute their efforts across a larger geography. The small, local venues around you haven’t picked up on this technology yet.

A marketer’s intuition is right about a lot of things. Time and again, we find that casino marketers who have been in the business for years can tell when it’s the right time to call a VIP or mail out a promotion, only verifying their correctness with data after the decision has been made. But data can do a lot more for you than verify what you already know. That’s why your intuition has led you to learn more about data driven marketing for casinos.

With our casino gaming analytics product, Gaming Analytics makes it easy to integrate location based marketing into your marketing strategy. We’ve seen amazing results using our tool to integrate location based marketing with existing client processes. If you would like to learn more about location based marketing for casinos, give us a call at (702) 355-5377 or email