Data Analytics

Navigating the Onboarding Process with a New Data Analytics Platform

Emerging technologies are taking the casino industry by storm, and everybody wants to know how they can fit these intriguing innovations into their business strategy. The right tools can make your team more efficient, productive, and cost-effective, but incorporating those tools into the existing workflows of your business requires some forethought, as we all know. When researching a data analytics product, you want to make sure you understand the onboarding process your team will go through. There are several companies that offer solutions for analyzing your data, and they all take a different approach. Read on to learn what to look out for as you demo the different options, and how to ease your team into a new, data-verified strategy.

Casino Software Setup Processes are Variable

Are you looking for a plug and play solution? You may want to start using a product as soon as you start paying for it, so that is something to keep in mind when discussing the onboarding process with a salesperson.

Alignment of Company Values Beyond the Sales Process

Do you already have data scientists on your team, or will your solution be used by team members with varying levels of education and experience? If several team members from different departments will be using your data analytics solution, you should pay close attention to the level of customer service that a company offers. Your team does not want to spend 48 hours waiting for an answer to their questions. Some good indicators of customer service at a company you are getting to know are the availability of higher level personnel when you want to speak to them and the level of enthusiasm you can glean from the staff when they talk about their product. Getting an email returned within the hour, even if it just says we’re looking into it and we’ll get back to you, is a lot more reassuring than playing the waiting game. These types of considerations go a long way with allowing your team members to plan their workdays and accomplish what they need to get done.

Fitting Analytics Into Your Existing Workflows

The next hurdle is fitting analytics into the existing workflows of each department. A data analytics product can’t do everything for you, but it will become an indispensable tool for your arsenal if you know when to use it. A data analytics product will not tell you what to say when you call your at-risk players, but it will tell you who is most likely to churn and how much it is worth spending to retain them. The best times to look at your data are when you’re looking for the next action to take, when you’re deciding whether to take a particular action, and when you want to determine the results of an action that has been taken. These are all circumstances that occur regularly in the course of your employees’ workday, so it makes a big difference to have the right tool at hand. When deciding whether to take a particular action, data analytics can be instrumental because it allows you to evaluate the predicted results of the intended action before making any changes. Once your employees become confident with the new tool it will be a no brainer to log in each time a decision needs to be made or a question needs an answer.

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