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The Top 3 Must-See Educational Sessions at G2E This Year

Attracting 26,000 gaming professionals from 111 countries, the annual Global Gaming Expo is the biggest event of the year for the casino industry. Nowhere else will you find so many global, commercial and tribal gaming professionals in one place in North America. Attending this event ensures that you will be among the first to see new technologies that are setting the pace for the industry. What’s more, the education this year emphasizes non-traditional growth opportunities, which means that we’ll be hearing from industry disruptors who will be sharing what it takes to put your name on the map. This event is happening October 14th through 17th, but it’s never too early to start marking your calendar for the most important appointments you can’t miss at G2E this year. We’ve been studying the schedule for you, so here are our top three must-see educational sessions planned for the 2019 Global Gaming Expo at the Sands Expo, Las Vegas.

3. Growing the Pie: How Casinos Can Leverage New Technologies to Expand Their Customer Base

We can’t wait to attend Tuesday’s session about leveraging new technologies to grow your business. This talk led by Mike Dabadie of Heart + Mind Strategies will be all about what casinos are doing to incorporate cutting edge technologies to drive growth. At Gaming Analytics, we’re all about showing teams how to use machine learning technology to take advantage of the mass amounts of player data that is already being collected. We are enthusiastic about sharing our approach to grow your business using technology, and likewise curious to hear about other approaches to this important challenge during Wednesday’s educational session.

2. Using Guest Engagement Technology to Increase Revenue

With rapid changes taking place in the casino industry, leveraging technology to improve the guest experience is more crucial than ever. Good data analytics technology will alert you when there is a potential problem that needs to be addressed urgently, so important information doesn’t get lost under mounds of impenetrable data. Whether there is a problem on the casino floor or a VIP needs to be contacted, staff should know sooner rather than later. If a VIP hasn’t visited according to their usual habits, you have the chance to save that relationship. Not all guests are created equal, and intelligent analytics products can help you easily segment and target your players to improve retention. We are waiting eagerly to hear Benjamin Keller of Intelity’s take on guest engagement technologies at this session on Tuesday and at the Roundtable Talk by the same name on Wednesday!

1. Practical Applications of AI/ML: Customer Retention Made Easy with AI/ML

We may be biased, but we think everyone should stop by the Innovation Lab Booth 5833 on Wednesday at 1:30pm to hear our own Kiran Brahmandam talk about using machine learning to improve customer retention. If you read our blog, you know that customer retention strategy is the cheapest way to grow your business. This session will go deeper into the right – and wrong – ways to retain your best customers. We are proud to have our founder on the calendar, teaching more casino operators how to take advantage of technology to satisfy guests and keep them coming back.

As the big week draws near, more information will be going up at, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, you can schedule a demo with Gaming Analytics now to make sure you get your time slot of choice. Discover new-to-the-industry features of our product that have gone live since last year’s G2E, making analytics easier, more actionable, and more affordable than ever. Plus, we’ll get the chance to talk face-to-face about pressing issues at your casino so that we may consider your unique needs in the roadmap for further product development. What are your top three sessions to see at this year’s event? Get in touch by calling (702) 355-5377 or email