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Top 3 Reasons to Stop By Booth 5440 at G2E 2019

If you still need more reasons to meet Gaming Analytics Inc at the 2019 Global Gaming Expo at Sands Expo, Las Vegas, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

#1 You are tired of spending time building reports.

It takes a lot of time for a human to build a report. You have to pull the data, organize it, format it, and apply your formulas. You might even be relying on a third party for some or all of this work, slowing down the process even more. At Gaming Analytics, we believe in your capacity to do more with your time. We want to take the tedious tasks off your hands so that you can use your experience and expertise to take ROI-boosting actions. With GamingAnalytics.AI, natural-language processing allows you to simply type or speak with voice-to-text to get instant, relevant answers about your business. Conjure up your reports in seconds so you can get back to business.

#2 Your current analytics product is difficult to use.

Many of us attend G2E to get motivated to propel our business forward. However, there is no use investing in an expensive data analytics platform that your team can’t figure out how to use. It’s time to push past the overwhelm you may be feeling when you think about your data and get excited to put it to use. Our product team places a high priority on design research, so we build features that work with your existing workflows. Our product is made exclusively for casinos, and it is backed by a team of casino industry professionals with decades of experience in the industry. The result is an intuitive method of data analytics that fits seamlessly into your existing processes, without breaking your budget. We consider our clients to be our partners, so we take feedback seriously and respond to inquiries within one business day.

#3 You do not see any ROI for your current analytics product.

If your team is not using your current analytics product because it’s too complicated, then you’re not getting a return on your investment. Emerging technologies like machine learning and natural language processing can help you reach your goals without all of the legwork required of your staff. Machine learning sounds complicated, but applied correctly it will make your job simpler. Our product uses these technologies to provide actionable insights and recommendations based on your data so that your staff needs only to log in and receive plainly stated directives to see value. Discover what isn’t working, what will work, and where there is an opportunity to save some cash. Upgrades are free and there are no additional fees, so the more the product integrates with your everyday tasks, the more value you create. It’s that simple.

Be among the first to see new technologies that are propelling the gaming industry into 2020 at this year’s Global Gaming Expo. Gaming Analytics is now taking appointments for demos at booth 5440.