GA CEO to Headline “The Future of AI for Casinos”

Coming to G2E 2021 “The Future of AI for Casinos”

The Hot Topic at G2E 2021? The Future of AI for Casinos

G2E 2021 kicks off October 4th in Las Vegas, and the most talked about education session is, “The Future of AI for Casinos”. The session has attracted 500+ registrations.

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In order to accommodate for the high level of interest, the education session has moved to a larger venue. It will take place October 5th, 2021 at the G2E Innovation Lab (Booth 1653).

The session will be presented by Kiran Brahmandam.

Brahmandam is an 18-year gaming-industry veteran, with a history of spearheading innovation and systems R&D in the brick and mortar sector. Now, he is on a mission to optimize casino operations, improve the customer experience, and boost casino profitability by using artificial intelligence.

Brahmandam is CEO of Gaming Analytics. He says, “The future of AI for casinos is moving swiftly — it is important for operators to have a plan.”

Some fear is, there will be lost jobs that result from AI in casinos. Brahmandam explains, “There will be a job re-alignment resulting from AI — not job losses per se. A realignment means career maps will change — employees will spend less time on tedious work and less time behind a computer. Meaning, there will be more time for team-building activities and more time to focus on customers and creating a best guest experience. Operators should start planning for the AI realignment now. Meanwhile, jobs that require creativity and compassion will see increased demand.”

Brahmandam says many casinos are currently adopting AI as a means to improve slot floor design and to create marketing campaign with better targeting and detailed personas; these benefits are realized immediately.

Next, his team of data scientists is working on AI platforms that will create a safer gaming environment — for the operator and the guest — by integrating responsible gaming and fraud alerts into the software.

Brahmandam says, “The AI disruption in casinos is exciting and is rapidly accelerating. It is important for operators to plan for the disruption now. With a good plan, employee engagement will increase, the guest experience will improve, and casino profits will be higher.”

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