Kiran Brahmandam to Present: A.I. Integration in Casinos at GTGC/GGPC 2024

The Urgency of A.I. Adoption

Brahmandam’s session, titled “A.I. Now, Not Later: Unlocking Immediate Gains for Your Casino,” is slated for March 5th, from 10:15 to 11:00 AM. It aims to challenge the perception of A.I. as a future technology, advocating for its current indispensability in securing a competitive edge and enhancing profitability for casinos.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

The presentation will provide a clear overview of how A.I. is transforming casino operations today, debunking myths and emphasizing A.I. as a critical element in contemporary business strategy and regulatory frameworks. By sharing compelling success stories, Brahmandam intends to demonstrate the tangible benefits and profitability boosts achieved by early A.I. adopters in the casino sector.

Learning from Pioneers

Highlighting the experiences of industry pioneers, the talk will shed light on the challenges and triumphs of A.I. integration. Attendees will gain insights into the strategic approaches and leadership qualities necessary to navigate the complexities of adopting A.I. technologies in their operations.

A Roadmap for A.I. Integration

For casino operators, whether they are in the initial stages of considering A.I. or looking to enhance existing projects, Brahmandam’s presentation will serve as a valuable guide. It will offer actionable advice and strategic insights for harnessing the full potential of A.I., ensuring that casinos are not left behind in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

Shaping the Future of the Casino Industry

The GTGC/GGPC provides an unparalleled platform for industry professionals to engage with cutting-edge topics and innovative solutions. Through presentations like Brahmandam’s, the conference plays a vital role in not just reflecting but actively influencing the future direction of casino operations and game protection strategies.

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The Global Table Games and Game Protection Conference (GTGC/GGPC) is an annual event that brings together industry professionals from the table games and game protection sectors to discuss the latest trends and innovations. The conference features presentations from experts on topics such as AI, machine learning, and responsible gaming. It also offers opportunities for networking and learning. The next GTGC/GGPC will be held in Las Vegas from March 5-7, 2024.

About Kiran Brahmandam

CEO of Gaming Analytics, Kiran is an 18-year veteran in the gaming industry. While spearheading innovation and systems R&D in the brick and mortar sector, his products generated over 1B in revenue. In 2017, he founded Gaming Analytics — his mission — improve the casino floor and maximize profits by using artificial intelligence.


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Gaming Analytics, Inc. is a leader in artificial intelligence for the gaming industry, providing the simplicity of a search engine with the power of machine learning. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. 

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