Mesquite Gaming Announces A.I. Partnership with Gaming Analytics

Justin Moore, CEO of Mesquite Gaming, cited the alignment of GA’s capabilities with the company’s strategic objectives as a critical factor in the decision, “GA fits the needs of our organization the most. We are focusing on a growth plan with our slots and marketing programs and needed an analytical tool to help us get there.”

Mesquite Gaming Announces AI Partnership with Gaming Analytics

The partnership will introduce GA’s advanced features, including:

  • Player-Data Search: Allowing real-time access to player insights.
  • Revenue Forecasting: Critical for strategic planning and growth initiatives.
  • Game Recommendations with Fair-Share Analysis: Optimizing game placement and performance.
  • Slot Floor Heat Maps: Providing a detailed analysis of slot floor dynamics, allowing for more informed decisions with the best information available.

The above features will empower Mesquite Gaming’s Slot Directors and General Managers, allowing for data-driven decisions, operational efficiency, and boosting profitability. 

GA’s platform’s ease of use, which includes real-time search functionality and an intuitive A.I.-assisted dashboard, will help widen the adoption across all levels of the organization.

“The user-friendly nature of GA’s platform was a decisive factor for us,” Moore added. “Having confidence that all levels of the organization will be able to use and benefit from GA easily was tremendous in our decision-making process.”

The partnership also reflects a broader trend in the gaming industry toward embracing advanced technologies to remain competitive. As casinos seek to enhance their offerings and improve guest satisfaction, adopting GA’s A.I. technology is becoming increasingly common.

Mesquite Gaming’s properties offer 1,200 hotel rooms and a classic Las Vegas experience; the Operator is well-positioned to benefit from the A.I. upgrade. The casinos, known for their old-school charm and hospitality offerings, are now set to enhance their operational capabilities and guest experiences by integrating Gaming Analytics.

“With Gaming Analytics, we’ve transformed data into actionable insights, leading to a 14.6% increase in coin-in. It’s proof that targeted, A.I.-driven marketing campaigns are the future.”

“The efficiency and accuracy of A.I. have allowed us to do more with less, reducing the manpower needed for data analysis and eliminating costly errors. It’s about working smarter, not harder.”

“Adopting Gaming Analytics has been a game-changer for us at Chicken Ranch Casino. It’s not just about the technology; it’s about how it empowers our team to focus on what truly matters – our guests.”

“The seamless CMS transition was facilitated by Gaming Analytics — this demonstrates the right tech partnership can make complex transitions smooth and manageable.”

“Thanks to Gaming Analytics, the burdensome task of sifting through data and generating reports is a thing of the past for my team. This shift has not only boosted job satisfaction but has also sparked creativity and allowed us to concentrate on initiatives that truly enhance the guest experience and our bottom line.”

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