Resorts Casino Hotel Elevates the Casino Experience with Gaming Analytics AI Technology

Resorts Casino Hotel partners with Gaming Analytics to harness the transformative power of AI.

Highlights of the partnership include:

1. Guidance from Eilers & Krejcik: This esteemed authority in gaming data steered Resorts Casino Hotel to Gaming Analytics. The strategic partnership between Gaming Analytics and Eilers & Krejcik provides Resorts Casino Hotel precise evaluations of game performances, streamlining data-driven decisions and boosting profitability.

2. Insightful Slot Recommendations: Gaming Analytics provides slot insights, enabling machine selection driven by data science rather than guesswork. This data-driven approach will immediately impact slot strategies and game selection.

3. Mobile Application: Resorts Casino Hotel’s Player Development team lauds Gaming Analytics’ mobile solutions to enhance guest engagement and the overall guest experience.

4. Customer Support: Gaming Analytics’ unprecedented customer support was key to being selected as an AI partner for Resorts Casino Hotel.

Resorts Casino Hotel will integrate Gaming Analytics’ Slots/Slots AI and Player Development solutions, which will support and further a commitment to operational excellence, player engagement, and insightful decision-making.

Gaming Analytics: Why It’s the Best Fit for Resorts Casino Hotel

User-Centric Design: Gaming Analytics’ intuitive interface ensures smooth adoption and utilization of AI capabilities by the Resorts Casino Hotel team. It features the industry’s only real-time search and provides real-time data analysis and insights.

Cutting-Edge AI: Visionary AI technology by Gaming Analytics promises to reshape the landscape of Resorts Casino Hotel’s casino operations, providing unmatched insights into player preferences and slot performance.

gaming analytics maximize productivity of the player development team
“Resorts conducted a thorough evaluation of software products that would help optimize slot revenues, maximize the productivity of the Player Development Team, and provide timely and efficient data analysis for improved decision-making. Gaming Analytics was the clear choice due to its ease of use, innovative AI technology, and flexibility of the GA team to meet all our needs.” Mark Sachais, the AGM

Tailored Solutions: Gaming Analytics’ adaptability to Resorts Casino Hotel’s specific requirements results in customized dashboards and same-day customer support solutions in most cases.

Projected Outcomes

Revenue Optimization: AI-driven recommendations maximize slots profitability.

“Gaming Analytics was the perfect choice to help us give our customers the ultimate guest experience. We are excited to work with an innovative company and look forward to getting pertinent player lifecycle information to help us analyze our business. There is no doubt that GA will help improve our casino and increase our revenue.” Angela Caprio, VP of Casino Marketing

Increased Player Engagement: AI insights will allow the Player Development team to enhance the guest experiences, fostering loyalty and driving revenue.

Informed Choices: Rapid and comprehensive data analysis from Gaming Analytics equips Resorts Casino Hotel with the tools for strategic decision-making with the best available information – resulting in increased profits.

“After evaluating multiple gaming A.I. platforms, we found GA the best fit due to its ease of use, fast reporting, and comprehensive data analysis. We’re confident GA will enhance our slot offerings by integrating player, property, and industry insights.” – Joe Cavilla, Vice President of Casino Operations, Resorts Casino Hotel

Insights from Resorts Casino Hotel’s Leadership

Mark Sachais, Assistant General Manager at Resorts Casino Hotel, stated, “Gaming Analytics was an evident choice, distinguished by its user-friendliness, state-of-the-art AI solutions, and the team’s adaptability.”

Angela Caprio, VP of Casino Marketing and Player Development, commented, “Gaming Analytics is undeniably the catalyst for our casino’s growth and revenue enhancement.”

With a shared vision for innovation and superior guest experiences, Resorts Casino Hotel and Gaming Analytics are on course to redefine casino operations’ benchmarks.

“We’re excited to be the AI partner for Resorts Casino Hotel, a casino that truly values innovation and the guest experience. We aim to elevate Resorts Casino Hotel’s operations, profits and the guest experience.” Kiran Brahmandam, CEO of Gaming Analytics.


About Gaming Analytics

Gaming Analytics, Inc. is a leader in artificial intelligence for the gaming industry, providing the simplicity of a search engine with the power of machine learning. Founded in 2017, Gaming Analytics is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


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