Rolling Hills Casino Partners with Gaming Analytics – Embracing A.I. for Casinos

Antonio Perez, the General Manager at Rolling Hills Casino, has followed the evolution of Gaming Analytics closely over the years. He acknowledges the company’s advancement in features and capabilities. One of the key factors influencing the decision to partner with Gaming Analytics was the platform’s user-friendliness. 

Antonio highlights the importance of the user-experience in technology adoption. He notes, “I’ve been watching Gaming Analytics evolve over the past few years and have continuously been impressed with their growth in features and capabilities. From an operational standpoint, the ease of use, from Google-like searches to an easy-to-use AI-assisted dashboard creator that doesn’t require training or outside assistance, was key to the decision. We’ve all invested in or used tools that had the potential to be amazing but were not user-friendly enough to foster wide adoption from those we intended to use them, resulting in friction and wasted time or money. Having confidence that all levels of the organization that could benefit from GA would be able to use it easily was tremendous for us.” Antonio Perez, General Manager, Rolling Hills Casino

Director of Casino Operations, Larry Honeycutt added, “With the ability to dissect and drill down into our performance data, GA provides the vehicle to do so with ease and reliability. So many of our revenue centers will learn and gain confidence from this application; opportunities are endless once the information is available and acted upon.”

Larry-honeycutt partnership with gaming analytics and rolling hills

Jeff Jantz, Executive Director of Marketing, remarked on the intuitive nature of the platform, “Gaming Analytics has impressively innovated their product. The user-friendly and intuitive dashboard was a pivotal factor in our decision.”

Jeff-Jantz-ai-gaminganalytics partnership with rolling hills

Jeffrey Carstensen, CFO, highlighted the benefits of data accessibility, “The creation of dashboards puts all data at our fingertips, paving the way for quicker, more efficient business decisions.”

“Our partnership with Rolling Hills Casino is a testament to A.I. optimizing casino operations and elevating guest experiences – it’s all about making smarter decisions and boosting ROI. This partnership is one more leap forward in the wide adoption of A.I. in the casino industry.” Kiran Brahmandam, CEO & Founder, Gaming Analytics

kiran-brahmandam-rollinghills gaming analytics partnership

Gaming Analytics, voted Best Casino Analytics Software, was chosen for its easy-to-use interface and ability to provide quick, actionable insights, aligning with Rolling Hills Casino’s vision for a more agile and data-driven future.

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Gaming Analytics, Inc. is a leader in artificial intelligence for the gaming industry, providing the simplicity of a search engine with the power of machine learning. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. 

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