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Sahara Las Vegas Utilizes A.I. 🎰 Making its Gaming Data More Powerful Than Ever!

One year into its partnership with Gaming Analytics, Sahara Las Vegas is reporting a 360° improvement in operations — including more informed decision-making and increased profits — as detailed by Executive Director Of Casino Operations, Mike Altizer. Gaming Analytics is the industry’s leading platform for casino AI.

Mike Altizer, Executive Director Of Casino Operations at Sahara Casino in Las Vegas, explains partnering with Gaming Analytics for AI technology has exceeded expectations. He states, “ as a driven business person it is my job, and that of my team, to maintain key operational procedures, create new processes, ensure day-to-day operational excellence, and spur company growth. Thanks to our partnership with Gaming Analytics (GA), each of these areas of our business have improved.”

The Problem

Compared to before GA, the process of analyzing data, producing reports, and identifying player-specific trends was burdensome for Sahara. In the past, queries were burdened with sifting through data and utilizing multiple systems to generate reports; it required the work of multiple people. The process was part science, part guesswork, and sometimes took hours or days to get the desired information. This antiquated process has been replaced with machine-learning and the data science of GA, transforming hours or days into seconds.

The Solution

For this case study, Altizer details how Gaming Analytics made Sahara’s operations more efficient and profitable. In particular, how Gaming Analytics improved Sahara’s data queries, reports, and identifying player trends. Getting a “similarity analysis” or conversion optimization is a simple click of a button, resulting in time savings and greater accuracy.

A 360° Gaming Solution ðŸŽ°

GA provides AI solutions for slotsmarketingplayer development, table games, finance, and audit/compliance.

Slot machines do not generate revenue; the players operating them do. With this, GA is able to connect player sessions to individual games, uncovering actionable insights with the gaming industry’s only knowledge graph.

Player 360

Guests are not just slot players or table players, they are people. GA’s Player 360 recognizes unique behavior of each player, identifies what drives his/her play, and translates this behavior into more informed decisions; resulting in a better guest experience and greater profit.

REPORTS: faster, easier, accurate, seamless ðŸŽ°

With GA, Altizer says he is able to create daily, weekly, and monthly reports in a fraction of the time compared to before. Before Gaming Analytics, decision-making required countless hours of analyzing data, utilizing Tableau and Excel, studying reports, physically moving machines around, analyzing performance, and some guesswork – it was a constant cycle of trial and error. Sometimes queries and reports proved ever-elusive, taking days or weeks to uncover. 

Reports are cloud-based, which means easy access to information during executive meetings. This leads to more efficient decision-making, without delays. Data is stored securely and encrypted.

Altizer says he is amazed by the granular detail provided by the GA platform, stating reports have never been easier. Almost instantaneously, he gets answers to his search queries. Including, variance reports, owned vs. leased, fair share analysis, and revenue breakdown by bank.


Altizer reports he is able to easily identify player specific trends by section, cabinet, and theme type. He says GA is “100% better than system-based methods”.

With Gaming Analytics, Sahara is able to dissect its data and design the gaming floor around player preferences and game types.

GA’s machine-learning solution is able to easily identify players preferences by cabinet type and risk type — low, medium, or high. Gamblers choose high-risk games, and tourists typically choose low-risk games or playing for “entertainment”.

The GA software matches players’ risk-tolerance to machine placement and floor design; then grouping games accordingly. The result, a better guest experience, less player churn, and higher profits.

With Gaming Analytics Sahara is able to dissect its data, and design a better gaming floor tailored to targeted demographics.


Gaming Analytics’ Similarity Analysis is robust. Altizer says it has improved the conversion process tremendously, especially with older cabinets. This feature makes game selection player-driven; if a particular game is not performing well, GA identifies it – then suggests a “machine swap” with the same manufacturer, similar to another manufacturer’s most popular game for that player-type.

Moreover, GA identifies machines most popular with locals or tourists, allowing the operator to design the floor based on data science, not guesswork.

CONVENIENCE — Fast & Easy ðŸŽ°

GA is cloud-based, which means easy access to information during executive meetings and when meeting with colleagues. This leads to productive meetings and efficient decision-making, without delays.

Before Gaming Analytics, Altizer reports decision-making required countless hours of analyzing data, utilizing Tableau and Excel, and studying reports. Then, physically moving machines around, analyzing performance, and guesswork – it was a constant cycle of trial and error. Sometimes reports and key information proved elusive, taking days or weeks to uncover. 

CUSTOMER SUPPORT â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸

GA makes it easy for customers to report issues; a team of GA data scientists review any “error messages” or special “queries”. With this, every customer gets resolution and a personalized dashboard of most popular searches.

GA’s Founder and CEO, Kiran Brahmandam, says “customers are our company, our entire team has pride of ownership and willingness to solve support issues quickly and thoroughly.”


🎲🎲 GA identifies slot machines by most popular, segmenting locals and tourists; this allows the operator to design the floor based on data science and player preference, not guesswork.

🎲🎲 Altizer says he has been in the casino business for 20+ years. He states one will not find a better company to work with than Gaming Analytics — and one will not going find better customer support.

🎲🎲 GA is cloud-based, which means easy access to information during executive meetings and when meeting with colleagues. This leads to productive meetings and efficient decision-making, without delays.

🎲🎲 The GA software matches players’ risk-tolerance to machine placement and floor design; then grouping games accordingly. The result, a better guest experience, less player churn, and higher profits.

✅ About Meruelo Gaming / Sahara Las Vegas

Sahara Las Vegas Utilizes Casino AI 🎰 Making its Gaming Data More Powerful Than Ever!

SAHARA LAS VEGAS is a client company of Meruelo Group. The casino epitomizes the timeless soul of Las Vegas. With a bold, sophisticated flair and a boutique approach to personal service, SAHARA provides guests an intimate and unexpected experience that sets a new standard for Vegas. Completely remodeled and reimagined for a new era, SAHARA offers three distinctive hotel towers, a variety of five-star dining options, and a world-class casino. With unexpected delights around every corner, SAHARA embodies the style, sophistication and playful sense of possibility that’s truly the spirit of Vegas – and brings the iconic Vegas experience to a whole new generation.

The Meruelo Group is a proud Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) founded in 1986 by Alex Meruelo, a dedicated entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist to the community. The Meruelo Group is a privately-held company providing strategic consulting and business support services to a diversified group of client companies across a wide range of industries including: Construction and Engineering, Hospitality and Gaming, Television, Radio, Real Estate, Food Services, Financial Services, and Private Equity.

✅ About Mike Altizer

A special thanks to Mike for sharing his GA experience. His candid (and entertaining) quotes have earned him the title, “The Yogi Berra of Gaming”. 


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